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Annual events

Puratto Salon

The Puratto Salon within the International Exchange Center (Comunale F9, above Parco) is a salon for international exchange run by volunteers. The Puratto Salon offers basic consultation for foreign residents and citizens and various international exchange events. The salon also features an information exchange board, resource corner and more, so drop by and check us out.

Hours: 9:00-18:00 Monday-Saturday
TEL:048-887-1506 FAX:048-887-1505

Mini-Seminars (monthly)

Various mini-seminars conducted by volunteer leturers are offered. Mini-seminars are open to anyone who wishes to participate, so if you are interested, please join us! (Entry is FREE!)

Also, if you are interested in conducting a mini-seminar introducing your home country's culture and lifestyle, please contact us and tell us your proposal!

Mini-Seminar (monthly)

Conversation Salons (1-3 times a month)

Conversation salons are offered for Japanese, English, Chinese, Spanish, Korean, and Russian. There is no set teacher at conversation salons. Instead, salon events are facilitated by volunteers who join participants in freely discussing topics of their choice.

The Japanese Conversation Salon also offers chances to experience traditional Japanese culture.
Entry Fee: FREE! (¥100 for the Japanese Salon)

Conversation Salons (1-3 times a month)

Sister City Exchange

Saitama City currently has six sister/friendship cities in five different countries and conducts annual youth sports exchanges with two of them; Richmond, U.S.A. (baseball) and Toluca, Mexico (soccer).

We are also currently planning a sister city informational event (details coming soon).

Volunteer Training Seminars

Volunteer training seminars are for those interested in becoming volunteers and assisting with international exchange events and support activities. Seminars include training workshops for those who wish to provide support to disaster victims from other countries as well as those who wish to become volunteer Japanese language instructors.

Volunteer Training Seminars

Language Courses

Language is the gateway to the world! Bring friends with similar interests as you and come study a foreign language. Courses are taught by native speakers living in the Saitama City vicinity.

Also, we are currently seeking language instructors, so if you are a native speaker of a foreign language and are interested, please contact us.