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2019-2020 Saitama Souvenir Award Selections

Make-a-wish Nu Daruma
Saitama City’s PR mascot Nu has his own line of daruma dolls, all made entirely by hand. Write your wish on his belly and keep him until it comes true!

Craft Beer Hiakawa no Mori
Brewed near Hikawa-jinja Shrine, this craft beer was made with the idea of “bringing people together”. The hand-picked ingredients create a luxurious flavor that makes a thoughtful gift for any beer fan .

Torokeru- Wagyu Corned Beef
This Japanese corned beef will bring a smile to any dinner table. With juicy goodness in each bite, it matches perfectly with Saitama’s locally produced rice, eggs and vegetables. The beef’s texture is silky smooth, and winner of a German Goods Ranking Committee (DLG) gold medal.

Unagi Rice Crackers
A crisp blend of soy sauce and sansho pepper complement the unagi flavoring on the cracker. This is a favorite among everyone in Saitama City.

Kaya Tree Cake Roll
This cake roll is made in the likeness of one of Saitama City’s heritage sites, the gigantic kaya (nutmeg) tree. The cocoa flavor is made with a mix of rum raisin, chestnuts, and dense butter cream with added egg yolks. Packaged to last, it makes a great gift.

Cheesecake Rusk
This is baked cheesecake that has been thoroughly dried into a rusk style biscuit, and delivers a unique crunch. This will keep well, so please buy some for your friends and family.

These soft cakes have egg added to the sweet bean mix inside, are kneaded into beautiful sphere shapes, and then given a milk coating. Aside from this main flavor, maccha, coffee, as well as seasonal flavors are also available.

[Where to buy] 

Each shop above , Urawa Tourist Information Center, or Maru Maru Higashi-Nihon.

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