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2023-2024 Saitama Souvenir Award Selections

Make-a-wish Nu Daruma
Saitama City’s PR mascot Nu has his own line of daruma dolls, all made entirely by hand. Write your wish on his belly and keep him until it comes true!

Craft Beer Hiakawa no Mori
Brewed near Hikawa-jinja Shrine, this craft beer was made with the idea of “bringing people together”. The hand-picked ingredients create a luxurious flavor that makes a thoughtful gift for any beer fan.

Fermented Ginger Ale GINGER SHOOT honey bee
Japan’s first authentic fermented ginger ale. Pour it into a glass and enjoy the aroma of ginger, citrus, honey, and fermentation. Delicious on its own or in cocktails!

Hikawa Mochi (rice cracker)
100% domestic rice is used in pursuit of the “flavor” of rice. The rice is carefully steamed and slowly baked twice. The name and pattern are inspired by the approach to a local shrine and a zelkova tree. It is a crispy and thick soft rice cracker. Three flavors are available: salad, Negimiso (scallion & bean paste), and soy sauce.

Lemon-Dou Pudding of Hikawa Sando
The most popular product and the specialty of Pudding Factory Lemon-Dou. They are made with all ingredients and production methods, including eggs and pure fresh cream produced in Saitama Prefecture. It is a product in which all of our efforts are concentrated.

Usagi-mochi Monaka and Rugan (6 pieces)
Usagi-mochi monaka is a crispy, cute monaka with skin shaped like a rabbit from the Tsuki-jinja shrine and filled with red bean paste and gyuhi. Rugan is a moist baked sweet with yellowish red bean paste inside a dragon’s face.

These soft cakes have egg added to the sweet bean mix inside, are kneaded into beautiful sphere shapes, and then given a milk coating. Aside from this main flavor, matcha, coffee, as well as seasonal flavors are also available.

[Where to buy] 

Each shop above , Urawa Tourist Information Center, or Maru Maru Higashi-Nihon.

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