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Tax-free Shop

Looking for other tax-free shops in Saitama City? Please refer to the following or check Japan Tourism Agency website.

Tax-Free Shops Address Procedures Tax-free Counter
AEON MALL Urawamisono さいたま市緑区美園5-50-1 At each tax-free Shop ×
ISETAN Urawa Store さいたま市浦和区高砂1-15-1 At tax-free counter
COCOON CITY Saitama-Shintoshin さいたま市大宮区吉敷町4-263-1 At each tax-free Shop ×
SOGO OMIYA さいたま市大宮区桜木町1-6-2  At tax-free counter
Omiya Marui さいたま市大宮区桜木町2-3  At tax-free counter
Takashimaya Omiya Store さいたま市大宮区大門町1-32 At tax-free counter
LUMINE Omiya さいたま市大宮区錦町630 At each tax-free Shop ×
ARCHE さいたま市大宮区桜木町2-1-1 At each tax-free Shop ×

* Some shops do not offer tax-free shopping. Please ask each store for further details.

*For updated information, please ask each store.

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