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2022 Information on Summer Festivals

Unfortunately, we will not be able to hold the Summer Festivals as usual, but we hope that our exhibits of mikoshi or videos will give you a little taste of the summer spirit!
Here is a list of the Summer Festival scheduled for 2022.

-Reduced Scale 
July 3: Morning Glory Market
July 24: Urawa Festival Urawa Yosakoi Dance
August 6-7: Omiya Summer Festival Omiya Nisshin Tanabata Festival
August 20: Omiya Summer Festival Sashiougi Festival
September 18: Doll Town Iwatsuki Festival

-Exhibits of mikoshi only
Yono Summer Festival
Urawa Festival Mikoshi Togyo
Omiya Summer Festival Spark Carnival
Omiya Summer Festival Nakasendo Festival

-Videos (will be uploaded later)
Urawa Festival Music Parade/Urawa Odori

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