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Omiya Bonsai Festival

Every year from May 3rd to the 5th is the Bonsai Festival! Visit vendors along the street to buy bonsai trees, as well as pots to make your own. This is a massive gathering of bonsai enthusiasts from all over.

  1. Citizen’s Bonsai Exhibition
    @Momiji St.
  2. Selling of bonsai, pots, and wild grasses and flowers
    @Momiji St., Kaede St., Shide St., & the bonsai museum’s parking
  3. Feel free to ask any questions about bonsai!
    @Each bonsai gardensOmiya Bonsai Village

    We want to ask visitors to follow the rules below to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
    We appreciate your cooperation! 

    -Avoid crowds, wear masks, and sanitize your hands frequently.
    -Event may be canceled due to the situation of COVID-19.

Event Detail


May3-5, 2022
9 AM- 5 PM*
*Ends at 4 PM on May5.


Omiya Bonsai Village

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