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Primrose Festival

This event is held just as the blooming begins in the Tajimagahara primrose fields, which have been named a site of natural heritage in Japan. The fields are part of the larger Sakuraso (primrose) Park, where you’ll find shops and stage shows. Afterwards, you can head back to Urawa station to buy bouquets of primroses, and see displays of other unique wild flowers and plants.

*To prevent the spread of COVID-19, there will be NO food stands or stage shows in Primrose Park. However, we will keep you informed of the flowering situation on our website (April 11-).
*Primrose Market & Displays at the Citizen’s Plaza, Urawa Station East Exit, will be available from 9 AM-4 PM on both dates.
Primrose Market & Displays @Citizen’s Plaza, Urawa Station East Exit
-On sale for 500 pots, 600yen each.

-N0 food stands available.Attention!
We want to ask visitors to follow the rules below to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
We appreciate your cooperation!
-Please wear masks.
-No eating/drinking.
-Use alcohol or hypochlorous acid hand sanitizers to disinfect your hands.
-Come and visit the venues dispersedly.
-Due to the situation of the pandemic, the event may be canceled.

Event Detail


Saturday& Sunday, April16-17, 2022


Shimin Hiroba (Citizen's Plaza), in front of PARCO, Urawa Sta. east gate (Sat. and Sun.)
Sakurasou Park

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