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What is the Saitama Tourism and International Relations Bureau?
The Saitama Tourism and International Relations Bureau is a public-service corporation established through authorization by the Kanto District Transport Bureau, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, for the purpose of promoting the advancement of tourism and convention business, enhancing culture, furthering international mutual understanding and contributing to the development of the local community in Saitama City and surrounding area.

The Bureau promotes the enticement of tourists as well as conferences, large meetings and conventions through its everyday activities with the aim of stimulating a greater ripple effect in the economy of Saitama City and pursuing the enhancement of these operations jointly with Bureau members and numerous related organizations.

Given the current tough economic conditions, the enhancement tourism and convention business has become a focus of attention by the national government and various other sectors as activities that promote the activation of the local economy and culture and there is strong anticipation of further growth. We are creating a firmly-based collaborative public-private partnership and are taking active steps to develop a diversity of business activities as an organization that plays a role in energizing the local economy. We therefore hope that you will afford us your support and cooperation.
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