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A relaxing day to appreciate nature and history

This suggested trip will show you the natural and historical beauty Saitama City has to offer. You may be surprised to find it all so close to Tokyo! Jam packed with Japanese culture, this is a great course to get the “full view” of the kind of iconic Japan we imagine from books and movies. Starting at one of the oldest shrines in Japan, enjoy the picturesque architecture against the sprawling green of the area. Continue on to learn all about bonsai tree culture, with various gardens as well as a stunning museum.


The history of dolls and culture in the Iwatsuki area.

Come take a trip through time as you explore the incredible nature and history of Iwatsuki. This area is traditionally known for doll making, which is one of the most delicate arts in the history of Japanese craftsmanship. Seeing the fine details and care that went into making the dolls will give you a new appreciation for the Japanese attention to detail. This is a great course to get a traditional view of Japan and is very close to Omiya station!


The search for tasty unagi, and the Urawa mascot- Unako-chan!

Japan is full of characters, which are basically mascots for different cities. Some are widely popular, with all sorts of goods and memorabilia. Urawa's character is “Unako-chan”, made to remind people of unagi, a delicious freshwater eel. This model course takes you through some of Urawa's stunning nature, and you can search for Unako-chan while you go. A picture here, or a statue there, Unako-chan can be found all around, and can be your tasty travel companion during your outing!


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