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Mid-February to Mid-March

Doll Town Iwatsuki – Street corner hina doll tour


Seeing the colorful and delicately crafted Hina dolls reminds us that spring is right around th...

Sunday immediately before March 3

Doll Town Iwatsuki – Floating Hina Dolls


The sandawara, a straw wreath and seasonal symbol of Iwatsuki, is released into a pond as a pra...

Last Saturday and Sunday of March every year



Come join a walking event where we show off the natural environment and regional resources of t...

Last Saturday and Sunday of March every year

Saitamarché with Saita-March


This event’s main theme is food, with a host of local delicacies, recommended souvenirs, ...

April 1st Saturday and Sunday

Iwatsuki Castle Park Cherry Blossom Festival


Iwatsuki is a must-see spot on the cherry blossom map, and you can also see the beautiful buddi...

Mid-April Saturday and Sunday

Primrose Festival


This event is held just as the blooming begins in the Tajimagahara primrose fields, which have ...

May 3-4 every year

*CANCELED*International Friendship Fair


In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, this event has been canceled.  This is a time for ...

May 3-5 every year

Omiya Bonsai Festival


Every year from May 3rd to the 5th is the Bonsai Festival! Visit vendors along the street to bu...

Third Saturday and Sunday of May

Rose Festival


The Rose Festival is held just as the blooming season starts in Yono Park. Yono is the rose cap...

Late May

Omiya Takigi Noh (Noh theater by firelight)


Let the ambient sounds of nature, accompanied by singing flutes and drums, whisk you back to cl...

Saturday in late May

Urawa Unagi Eel Festival


Unagi bento (take-out meal) selling only. Advance tickets will be sold in advance at Urawa Stat...


1st Sunday of July

Doll Town Iwatsuki – Morning Glory Market


The morning glory flower has long been a familiar and healing sight in Japan, with Iwatsuki bei...

Saturday and Sunday in mid-July

Yono Summer Festival(2022 Mikoshi display only)


Mikoshi, also called portable shrines, are the large centerpieces in this deeply historical fes...

Sunday in mid-July

Urawa Festival Music Parade/Urawa Odori(2022 videos only)


This parade is bursting with energy from the brass bands of local elementary and middle schools...


Omiya Summer Festival Nakasendo Miyahara Festival


Carriages and mikoshi portable shrines of all sizes and shapes assemble at the climax of the fe...

Sunday in late July

Urawa Festival Mikoshi Togyo (2022 Mikoshi display only)


Backed by the exciting and mystical sounds of Japanese festival music, traditional workmen̵...

Sunday in late July

Urawa Festival Urawa Yosakoi Dance


Everything you could ask for on a clear day in the middle of summer! This festival is brimming ...

Late July

Saitama Fireworks Festival Owada Park


The first of three major firework events in Saitama City is sure to be a spectacle from any ang...

July 31st every year

*CANCELED* Omiya Summer Festival Omiya West exit Summer Festival


In the days leading up to the large festival at Musashi Ichinomiya Hikawa Shrine, the city of O...

August 1st every year

Omiya Summer Festival Spark Carnival(2022 Mikoshi display only)


Feel the rhythm of the vibrant samba teams, and the rush of the competing teams of mikoshi port...

August 1-2 every year

Omiya Summer Festival Nakasendo Festival(2022 Mikoshi displays only)


Immerse yourself in a thrilling tradition at this festival. On the second night, the mikoshi po...

Early August

Omiya Summer Festival Higashi-Omiya Summer Festival


Let loose at the end of this festival under a cascade of beautiful fireworks. Some say it’...

August 6-7 every year

Omiya Summer Festival Omiya Nisshin Tanabata Festival


Tanabata banners carrying the hopes and dreams of the townspeople adorn the city with an array ...


Saitama Fireworks Festival Omagi Park, Higashi Urawa


One of the three major firework events of the year. Here you can immerse yourself in the nature...


Saitama Fireworks Festival Iwatsuki Bunka (Culture) Park


The finale of the three yearly firework events is in Iwatsuki. This is an explosive show, putti...

Late August

Omiya Summer Festival Sashiougi Festival


Bon-odori is a community dance event done around a red and white podium in the center. It’...

Sunday in late August

Doll Town Iwatsuki Festival


This eventful and exciting parade is led by children adorned in vibrant costumes of the dolls I...

First Saturday of September

Urawa Festival Kita-Urawa Awa-Odori Dance Festival


A massive showing of the traditional Awa-odori dance, it’s thrilling rhythm is sure to pu...


Sunday in early October

International Exchange Fair


*There will be no food sales (including to-go) in 2022. The number of exhibitors and stage appe...

Sunday in early October

Taisho Period Festival


You’ll feel like you’ve stepped back a hundred years or more, back to the first ope...

Late October or Early November

Le Tour de France SAITAMA Criterium


This closed-course race shares a name with the top bicycle race in the world, Le Tour de France...

Late October or Early November

Saitamarché in SAITAMA Criterium


French Market will be held only on Sunday, November 6, 2022.  It’s all about food at Sai...

November 3rd every year

Doll Town Iwatsuki – Doll Memorial Ceremony


A ceremony to separate from your beloved dolls after they’ve fulfilled their purpose. Gui...

Early December

Saitama Japanese Drum Expert


Let the reverberating drums empower you to your core! This Japanese Taiko drum performance feat...


December 10th every year

Toka-Machi (10th Day Market)


A tradition dating back hundreds of years, this is a grand market of food and good luck charms,...

December 12th every year

Juninichi-Machi (12th Day Market)


A long-standing tradition from the Meiji period, the 12th Day Market is a yearly event in Urawa...

January 1-3 (parade on January 3rd)

Yono Shichifukujin (Seven Gods of Fortune) Pilgrimage


The Seven Gods of Good Fortune are said to “dispel the seven hardships, and bring the seven for...

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